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UHS Tennis in Full Swing: Defeats St. Clairsville, OH

by Elizabeth Carey, Photos by Jodi Watson

Plenty of enthusiasm led the University High School (UHS) tennis team as they came out on top Saturday against Ohio´s St. Clairsville (St.C) Red Devils at Marilla Park. Despite the snow the night before and the morning cold, both teams came out and played fast. The match of the day pitted, UHS boys captain Drew Hawthorne against talented St. Clairsville number one Brendan Ryan. Hawthorne was down 0-3 early on but charged back behind a stinging forehand to take the win 8-5. The comeback win charged up the other UHS players and set the stage for a team victory. Aggressive serve and volley play from the boys led to a sweep across the board, 7-0. The girls´ team also took the team win 6-1 behind senior captain Nicole Solanos’ 8-0 powerful outing.

An all-around fantastic job for the Hawks as they found a great rhythm on the beautiful sunny day. University High´s coaches Tom McClellan and Gary Barcinas commented, “Excellent job against a solid St. Clairsville team. We were very proud of the players’ effort and attitude.” UHS Boys move to 5-1 on the season.

The UHS Girls improved their record to 5-3. UHS plays at OVAC power Wheeling Park on Monday.



#1 D. Hawthorne (UHS) d. B. Ryan (St.C) 8-5

#2 K. Hawthorne (UHS) d. N. Nickoff (St.C) 8-2

#3 J. Guttman (UHS) d. A. Landeen (St.C) 8-4

#4 J. Rutledge (UHS) d A. Madzia (St.C) 8-3

#1 Doubles: Hawthorne/Guttman (UHS) d. Ryan/Nickoff (St.C) 8-1

#2 Doubles: Hawthorne/Rutledge (UHS) d. Landeen/Weidmas (St.C) 8-1

#3 Doubles: D. Slaughter/L. Watson (UHS) d. Glover/ Shaheen (St.C) 8-0


#1 N. Solano (UHS) d. H. Yates (St.C) 8-0

#2 B. Trouten (St.C) d. M. Gharib (UHS) 8-5

#3 S. Lee (UHS) d. R Weithe (St.C) 8-0

#4 G. Valenzuela (UHS) d. P. Foltia (St.C) 8-1

#1 Doubles: Solano/Lee (UHS) d. Yates/Trouten (St.C) 8-1

#2 Doubles: Gharib/Valenzuela (UHS) d. Wiethe/Janer (St.C) 8-3

#3 Doubles: E. Cathel/ M. Schlobohn (UHS) d. Vike/Myers (St.C) 8-0

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